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Canadian celebrities participate in VOICE 25th Annual Conference

GUELPH, MAY 1, 2017 – Celebrity contestants from “America’s Got Talent” and “Survivor” join children with
hearing loss, parents, teachers, researchers, clinicians, and hearing loss organizations at the 25th annual
conference for VOICE at the University of Guelph on Saturday, May 6 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Award winning comedian and former “America’s Got Talent” contestant, D.J. Demers, will be the conference’s
keynote speaker, sharing a few funny and encouraging stories about his personal struggles with hearing loss
since age four. Nina Poersch, former “Survivor” contestant, who has overcome deafness with the help of
Bilateral Cochlear Implants, will kick off the Teen Talk Program with an exciting Survivor Challenge Ice
Breaker! More action to follow when former Raptors Ambassador Donovan Dill coaches children with varying
degrees of hearing loss during the Kids Club Basketball Clinic. For a complete list of activities, visit the VOICE
website to review this year’s agenda:
VOICE is a registered charity that was established by a group of parents in the early 1960s, in support of their
deaf and hard of hearing children. The charity has developed into one of the largest parent support
organizations for families of children with hearing loss in Canada. VOICE has approximately 1,000 members,
with chapters in Ontario, and affiliates in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec.

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