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Tips for Teachers: Recording your Video

April 23, 2020 4:56 PM | Lourdes Marie Casas

  1. Ensure that there is no light (sunlight) shining behind you
    This makes it difficult to read your lips
  2. Wear a dark solid coloured shirt
    Bold, bright patterns are a distraction when reading lips
  3. NO background noises (i.e.: TV, radio)
  4.  If possible, record yourself in a room with good acoustics (i.e.: smaller room, lower ceiling, carpet, curtains)
  5. Face the camera when speaking
    Don’t turn your head and speak at the same time as the student needs to be able to read your lips to fully comprehend what you are saying
  6. Speak with a slower pace and enunciate your words
  7. If you cannot see/read your own lips on your screen then the DHH student won’t be able to either
  8. Closed Caption if possible, on any video you are asking the students to watch
  9. Send vocabulary, video links, notes ahead of time, via email, so the student can follow along during the lesson
  10. Before each person speaks, ask them to identify themselves. (i.e. "This is Sally.")
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