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Academic Scholarships

VOICE Academic Scholarships are sub-sectioned into three categories: nation-wide (to which students from anywhere in the country can apply), school specific (lists the schools that give out awards), and regional awards (which applies to specific regions of the country). 

Please view each of the scholarships individually to find out eligibility parameters, deadlines, and how to submit your application. Please be aware that some scholarships are only available to VOICE Members.

The Louise Crawford Scholarship 2022

Apply by clicking HERE

Applications will be accepted beginning February 1, 2022 until June 19th, 2022

The Scholarship is awarded to qualified students to pursue their scholastic aspirations at the undergraduate and graduate levels. VOICE awards funds that donations in Louise Crawford’s name have raised for deaf and hard of hearing children, at the sole discretion of the scholarship committee.

The applicant must be a Canadian resident or landed immigrant to Canada and reside in the province of Ontario who is oral deaf (a person with a profound level of hearing loss, occurring at birth, in early life, or congenitally whose primary method of communication is spoken language) or hard of hearing (a person with any level of hearing loss from mild to profound, whose primary method of communication is spoken language). 

Please email any questions or inquiries to scholarships@voicefordeafkids.com

Congratulations to the 2020 Louise Crawford  Scholarship Recipients!

Thank you to everyone who applied. We wish to extend our sincerest congratulations to the recipients of this year's scholarship: 

D Evans - Mount Albert, Ontario
H. Belevski - Toronto, Ontario
M. Lameureax - Ottawa, Ontario

Speech-Language & Audiology Canada Scholarship 

Under the guidance of the National Charities Committee, this scholarship program is offered to students who are in their final year of a master’s or doctorate degree program in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology. 

Canadian Hard of Hearing Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is for those hard of hearing, deafened or oral deaf. They may be first-time or returning post-secondary students at a recognized College or University. 

Canadian Hearing Society Scholarship

The Canadian Hearing Society offers a scholarship to deaf or hard of hearing students to help break down barriers to higher education and build brighter futures.

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