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Auditory Verbal Therapy

What is Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT)?

Auditory-verbal therapy is a method for teaching deaf children to listen and speak using their residual hearing in addition to the constant use of amplification devices such as hearing aids, FM devices, and cochlear implants. Auditory-verbal therapy emphasizes speech and listening. To find out more, click HERE.

Auditory Verbal Treatment (AVT) Plans

Auditory Verbal Treatment Plans support a variety of needs that one may face when experiencing hearing loss. To find out more about Treatment Plans and how VOICE supports this, click HERE.

AVT/LSLS Professionals Near You

VOICE has various connections to Auditory Verbal Therapists and Learning and Spoken Language Specialists all across the province. If you're looking to be connected with an AVT or LSLS Professional, click HERE to find someone near you.

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